writing to “you”

It’s interesting to me how easy it is to share ideas with my friends through conversations, yet how strange it feels to write to “you,” aka the reader, through this blog and through written text.

I want to be able to share insights and with them provide necessary affirmations, distinguishing between the messages that may apply to both our lives and those which may benefit from specific modifications to better illustrate yours.

So when I write to “you,” I hope you can accept my words as one part of the conversation. Talk back! Fill in the gaps where I leave them. Add modifications as needed. Share the perspectives that I am missing.

I think expert writers are so because they’ve practiced and gained the skill of holding space for their readers, so much so that we may turn their words into the backdrop of our own, new personal worlds. Essentially, their works are the antithesis to eclipsing, or suffocating. They find a way, not to represent us, but reach somewhere deeper inside, and give us forms of self-expression we may not have yet verbalized or visualized for ourselves.

As I haven’t had enough practice to reach this intimate state of writing just yet (I say this intentionally after a close friend suggested adding “yet” after any “cannot” statements we may make), I ask you to step in.

If anything, thank you for reading. I look forward to seeing where we both go as this unfolds.



march 12, 2021

Published by Hina Iqbal

I am a student studying medicine who enjoys sharing thoughts and reflections on the things I pick up around me!

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