my favorite part of creating a blog post is the draft phase…

• it’s a dumping of ideas

• it’s a hailstorm where my hands hammering away on the keyboard can’t keep up with my thoughts

• it’s where i uncover new thoughts and questions as I go

• it’s all bullet-points, and it’s a flurry of them

• and once all those bullets and their sub-bullets are listed out, and once a few days have passed, and once a personal deadline for getting blog posts out has arrived, all that is required of me is organizing the bullet points and refining some of the ideas to make it grammatically pleasing, or at least readable.

• a beautiful idea I’ve come across recently, which I will be expanding more on in the next post, is that it is far far better to share your sub-par looking/presenting ideas and realizations and creativities and creations than hoard these same creativities, waiting for the perfect manifestation or version to come about before sharing your stuff with the world.* It is always better to do the former. And that’s what I’ll strive to do from here on out!

thanks for sharing this space with me,



*inspired by Austin Kleon’s show your work!

🌟 Ramadan Mubarak for those observing! 🌟

Published by Hina Iqbal

I am a student studying medicine who enjoys sharing thoughts and reflections on the things I pick up around me!

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