On Coldplay

I was in middle school when I first watched the movie “The Wild” with my siblings, and one scene, lasting one minute, would completely change my life. I would spend what felt like forever after playing the chords of the song during that scene over and over again on the piano, having only my rough ability to play by ear to rely on. One year later, I took advantage of an unattended piano at our after-school music recital to once again begin playing the chords, when my piano teacher came over and said casually, “Oh, you’re playing Clocks by Coldplay!” Ms. Whitehead had no idea she had just unlocked what would become a decade of my obsession with Coldplay! Their music has been a grounding force in my life, through every difficulty and celebration. I return to “Clocks” and other classics to commemorate new turns and provide me stability during changing times.

Chris Martin during his performance of “Fix You”

So to see Coldplay this past weekend in Chicago with my sister, to finally see Guy, Johny, and Will, and to hear Chris’ iconic voice had me close to tears almost a thousand times Saturday night. I could never quite get to crying though, because we’d get immersed in another bout of confetti, fireworks, giant balloons, and lights, and it would be on to the next song, the next unforgettable experience. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that we all sang together WITH Chris and with the band. It brings me almost back to tears again when I try to take in the magnitude of what my sister and I got to see. I’m so thankful that this weekend was written into my life. And I’m so thankful to Coldplay for staying true to themselves. I’m so happy for their successes. You know you’ll catch me on their next tour!

My sister and me on Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres tour

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