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On Coldplay

I took advantage of an unattended piano at our after-school music recital to once again begin playing the chords, when my piano teacher came over and said casually, “Oh, you’re playing Clocks by Coldplay!” Ms. Whitehead had no idea she had just unlocked what would become a decade of my obsession with Coldplay!


Today, I learned Kavya had passed away, earlier in the morning. She was 25 years old. I shared with my friend: “I never had a bad experience with her. Every memory I ever had was always so sweet.” She always had a smile on her face. She was really gentle. She made campus for meContinue reading “Kavya”

on desire & drive

“Our highest desires,” the narrator goes on to say, “lead us to our highest selves.” In a way, they can! Our desires can be used as tools which draw us closer and deeper to ourselves.

only ever did more damage than good…

I feel so lucky and blessed that I’ve been granted this return to myself. I hope to only cultivate it more, as it is my responsibility to, and fulfilling it brings me great peace.

regret & remembrance

I’ve recently given myself a bit of time to feel out a major regret I’ve carried for a while, that I suspect will stay with me for life. I hope you may pause here and give yourself some time and space to let your own feelings of regret come back to the surface…

linguistic relativity, creativity, & the human condition

I’ve mentioned before that humans are perpetual creators… the act oozes out on its own, without even needing input from us. That may lead us to the next question: what then does creating look like when we are intentional about it?

on relativity

Wherever you go, there you are. So it matters not whether even your sons or daughters, parents, relatives, closest of friends, are at any point separate from yours. We are gifted by simultaneous moments with them. Yet our moments touch tangentially as we explore and experience all of life on our own paths.

writing to “you”

It’s interesting to me how easy it is to share ideas with my friends through conversations, yet how strange it feels to write to “you,” aka the reader, through this blog and through written text. I want to be able to share insights and with them provide necessary affirmations, distinguishing between the messages that mayContinue reading “writing to “you””

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